Dialogue : Moving to Hollywood

J’ai écrit ce dialogue en liaison avec la leçon « Moving to Hollywood » de la méthode Hullabaloo niveau 2.

Destiné à des CM2, avec des expressions difficiles (Nice to meet you, I must go now, My son is calling me…), ce dialogue permet de retravailler le vocabulaire de la maison :

  • a living room
  • confortable, beautiful
  • upstairs
  • a bedroom
  • an apple pie
  • a neigbor

Questions / expressions orales abordées :

  • Nice to meet you
  • It’s very kind
  • You’re welcome
  • Where do you come from ?
  • There is / there are
  • I’m / you’re Canadian / My name is


– Good morning ! I’m your neighbor.
My name is Clive.
– Oh hi ! I’m Kenny. Nice to meet you.
– I made an apple pie. Welcome to Hollywood !
– Thank you Clive. It’s very kind.
– You’re welcome. Where do you come from ?
– I come from Vancouver.
– Oh, so you’re canadian… Your house is beautiful.
– Thank you. There is a large living room very confortable. And upstairs, there are 2 bedrooms.
– Oh, my son is calling me. I must go, now.
– All right Clive. Thanks for the pie.
– See you soon Kenny.
– Bye !


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